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Constitution of the Mauch Empire

This country is built based upon the ideals of freedom and liberty for all. Everyone living within this country must become the citizens of the Mauch Empire. Citizens must choose their leaders for each province through an election; the Mauch Empire operates based on democracy. The official religion of the country is Raëlism, and every citizen must obey the laws and teachings of the Raël
We need to consider the situation and circumstances of the country in all that we do. We are citizens of the Mauch Empire, and we are also Raëlians. People must obey the laws that are in place to keep the country protected and safe for all. As is the priority of all other countries, those of us in the Mauch Empire must strive to keep our country safe as well. During any future war or if any circumstances of trial and strife arise, we must stand united and keep the country organized as a well-defined, stable nation. We all must stand firm against the enemy because the country’s enemy is the citizens’ enemy as well. We stand as one and do all that we can to improve our nation under the rule of our powerful king. Like Raël mentioned before, the Elohim will keep us all safe.