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The Economy of the Mauch Empire:
Mauch Empire is a landlocked nation, same as its neighboring countries surrendering it. The economy of this country depends almost uniquely on trading. The Silk Road was destroyed for several years, and it does not exist anymore. However, many scholars argue that this road still exists in this modern age. China is the most relevant trading country for Mauch Empire. These two nations have over one billion economic relations with each other yearly. Yet, based on military equipment and training, Russia is the best ally for Mauch Empire. The GDP of Mauch Empire was very low at the beginning of its existence. However, after few years of increasing the population and starting new relations with other neighboring countries, the economic condition of the Mauch Empire has been growing a lot. Poverty was one of the biggest problems in central Asia, including the Mauch Empire and surrounding nations. Today, a healthy situation and improved economic conditions boost the stability of all citizens. In the future, the monarch has a plan to start new economic relations with great superpowers looking for new ways of progress.